White Fire Cover candidate 2

And here’s candidate number 2 for the cover of White Fire. I chose a more earthy palette for this piece except for the white fire. It was an experiment 1 because of the palette choice and 2 because I didn’t use any flats when I rendered it in Photoshop. I penciled it, inked it, did a graytone study underneath and colored on top of that. I kind of like that method, but I’m gunna keep experimenting.¬†



White Fire Cover candidate 1


Here’s one candidate for the cover of White Fire. I did the pencils on gray-toned Artagain paper, scanned it into photoshop and digitally colored it. I have a few ¬†options for the cover and I’m not totally settled on this one just yet.


Updates Galore!

I know I’ve been bad and haven’t posted in a few months, but I’ve returned with a bang! I have several new pieces to show. I’ll be posting up new White Fire pages as well as recent works.


To kick things off- Remember this blast from the past? Well I re-drew/ re-inked it. I’m hoping to color and letter it over the summer so be sure to look for it in the coming months.